Apply for Grant: McKenna grant framework

While the McKenna Foundation has been blessed with the stewardship of significant monetary resources, these assets pale in comparison to the many needs of the community. As a result the Foundation will, on scheduled intervals, request applications from organizations who address community needs. Applications submitted for consideration are subjected to a very competitive and critical review process. This is not intended to deter potential applicants, but to emphasize the need to fully demonstrate the adequacy and potential effectiveness of each proposal.

The McKenna Foundation accepts applications from 501(c)(3) verified nonprofit organizations that serve residents of New Braunfels and Comal County.

The McKenna Foundation does not make grant awards directly to individuals. Additionally, funds are not provided for legislative lobbying or political purposes, for projects of organizations that primarily benefit their own members or adherents, or for indirect costs or payments to a national affiliate of a local organization.

2019 Grant Framework download

Grant Portfolio Purpose Statement Funding Areas
Strategic Grants
LOI required and
accepted at any time
Provide course-changing funding to unmet needs in the community. Mental and Behavioral Health
Capacity Building (All Areas)
Basic Living Needs
Application due 6/5/19
Review at August meeting
Assist individuals and families in crisis situations with services and intervention that lead to decreased dependence. Financial Assistance
Food Assistance
Housing Instability/Assistance
Application due 6/5/19
Review at August meeting
Provide accessible care that leads to healthy bodies and minds. Physical Health
Mental Health
Health Care Support Services
Access to Care
Application due 8/21/19
Review at October meeting
Improve quality of life through quality education. School Readiness
Education Access and Support
After School Programs
Literacy Programs
Family Relationships
Application due 8/21/19
Review at October meeting
Empower every generation with skills and support to strengthen the family bond. Youth Development
Parenting Support
Abuse/Neglect Prevention &
Senior Services
Community Development
By invitation only
Review at October meeting
Increase opportunities for activity, enrichment and engagement within our community. Arts Programs
Parks and Recreation
Development of Public Spaces and Services
*Strategic grants will be introduced or approved at the Board meeting most appropriate for the request.